Mee Cheung & Co

MEE Cheung & Co. was a company of commercial photographers who were active from the 1890s to 1956, in Swatow (Shantou) and Hong Kong, and probably with branches elsewhere. Their Hong Kong premises were in Ice House Lane, off Queen's Road, Victoria.

The company is described in Twentieth Century Impressions of Hongkong, Shanghai, and other Treaty Ports of China (London, 1908), on page 234, as follows: "Messrs. Mee Cheung & Co., of Ice House Lane, Hongkong, who executed a contract for Lloyd's Greater Britain Publishing Company in a manner that gave every satisfaction, are one of the oldest photographic firms in the Colony. They undertake all classes of work, and make a special feature of enlargement and bromide work. They stock a large number of views of the neighbourhood and of South China, besides cameras, films, and printing papers of all kinds. There is a special department for developing and printing for amateurs. The manager, Mr. W. Chong Kai, is a capable photographic artist. The assistant manager, Mr. Y. Johnson, who has been with the firm since it was first started, has had experience in the United States. About thirty hands are employed at the head office, and a new depot was opened recently at No. 8, Beaconsfield Arcade, chiefly for the sale of photographic stores for amateurs. In 1904 the firm obtained a bronze medal from the St. Louis Universal Exposition, and in 1906 they were awarded a silver medal at the Hongkong Exhibition held at the City Hall. On the occasion of the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Connaught to the Colony, the royal party were photographed by Messrs. Mee Cheung, and copies of the photographs, forwarded to Their Royal Highnesses, were cordially acknowledged in a letter to the firm".

See also another description of the firm in Seaports of the Far East, edited by Allister Macmillan (London, 1923), page 410.