Using the photographs

The material you can find her is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Licence (CC BY_NC_ND 4.0). Download, transmission, or print, for research or educational purposes, is permitted, providing that the provenance is acknowledged, but no commercial reuse is permitted without the permission of the owners of the material. See: What you can and cannot do with downloads.

So, we warmly welcome use of these photographs in classrooms and seminar rooms. You can use them in your PowerPoints and on your blogs. You can include them in your dissertations and essays. You can share them with family members and special interest groups.

We have put a great deal of work into getting them here, so please respect our request and acknowledge provenance. Tell your audiences that you found the images you have used on the ‘Historical Photographs of China’ platform at the University of Bristol. We are also very happy to hear how they have been used or what new information you have found about them, or insights you can provide. So do not hesitate to write and tell us.

If you wish to make any commercial use of any of the images you must contact us via the University of Bristol Special Collections, which handles these requests. This includes use in printed books and articles, in films, advertisements or any other commercial use. We will relay such requests to the owners of the material that we have digitized and published, or in some instances we will direct you to contact the copyright owners directly (material from the UK National Archives, Cadbury Research Library, or Harvard-Yenching Library, for example).