The Commission of Inquiry into the ‘Kucheng massacre’

The Commission of Inquiry into the ‘Kucheng massacre’


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Ba03-24. The commission investigated the killing of eleven missionaries and Chinese Christians on 1 August 1895 at the mission houses in Huashan (华山), near Kucheng (Gutian), Fujian Province, by 'Vegetarian' rebels, who were part of a religious movement called zhaijiao (‘fasting school’), so called because they took vows of vegetarianism. See Os04-077.

Caption in album or on mount

Group of Commission of Investigation of the Hua Sang Massacre. August 1895. / Col. Hickson A / R.W. Mansfield B / Edward Allen B / Lt. Evans A / Dr. Gregory A / Rev. W. Banister B / Rev L. Star B



Estimated Date

August-September 1895




Black and white photograph