'George IV' Scotch Whisky advertisement, and a fort, Tianjin

'George IV' Scotch Whisky advertisement, and a fort, Tianjin


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: FB-s03. Giant bottle shaped advertisement for 'George IV' Scotch Whisky. 1d = one penny (i.e. 1/2 new penny). This photograph may have been taken by Sidney Herbert Powell. See NA27-14 (in which the whisky bottle and fort can be seen in the background on the left).

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A DESECRATION. A picture of the famous mud fort of Tientsin at the end of the mud wall which protected the town. This is now a site for a whisky advertisement. The fort is the one which played such an important part in the Boxer Rebellion. / From S. H. Powell, Peking and Tientsin Times, Tientsin, North China (via Siberia) / Kindly return if not used. Postage 1d.



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