An elephant called 'My Lord', with mahout

An elephant called 'My Lord', with mahout


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: FC01-05. Note in the album: "Fred. W. Carey, HM Customs, China. Stratford-sub-Castle, Salisbury, Eng. The photos in this book are enlargements of snapshots taken by me during the period 1896 – 1902 inclusive, whilst I was stationed at Szemao in the province of Yunnan. Some of them were obtained on my journey homeward through the Shan States, Burma, and India. F.W.C." Frederic William Carey served in the Chinese Maritime Customs, 1891-1928. A set of Carey's lantern slides entitled 'Yunnan' is in the collection of the Royal Geographical Society. Carey (then Commissioner of Customs) gave a lantern slide lecture in Ningpo (Ningbo) on 9 February 1922, on ‘Native Life on the Burma-Yunnan Frontier’. Domesticated Asian elephant (Elephas maximus), used in forestry. This photograph may have been taken in Menglien (Menglian Daizu Lahuzu Vazu Zizhixian), south west Yunnan.

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Elephant belonging to the Prince of Meng lien

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