Listening to a gramophone record, c.1910

Listening to a gramophone record, c.1910


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Su01-58. The gramophone record is being played on the SMP (Shanghai Municipal Police) houseboat 'Kathleen'. The European man is probably Police Constable Kay, SMP. The dog is attending to the music in a similar way to the dog 'Nipper' in the His Master's Voice (HMV) painting, advertisements and branding. Nipper was bought as a puppy in Bristol in 1884 (Detective Sub-Inspector John Sullivan was born in Bristol on 7 Oct 1885). The HMV imagery would have been familiar to Sullivan and his SMP colleagues, who were touring from Shanghai in the SMP houseboat 'Kathleen'.

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A Crowd of Chinese listening to the Gramaphone

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Black and white photograph