Malcolm Rosholt working at The China Press, summer 1940

Malcolm Rosholt working at The China Press, summer 1940


Rosholt, Malcolm




University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Ro-s001. The caption was typed on the back of the photograph by Malcolm Rosholt.  'The China Press' office, in Avenue Edward VII (now Yanan Dong Lu).  The American author, photographer and historian, Malcolm Rosholt (1907-2005) lived in China from 1931 to 1937.  He was a newspaper editor and a photographer in Shanghai, covering the Sino-Japanese wars in Shanghai in 1932 and in 1937.  For two years from 1943, he returned to China as the Liaison Officer for General Claire Chennault, commander of the Flying Tigers.  'Blood Alley' (officially named Rue Chu Pao San; now Xikou Lu) was a short road between Rue du Consulat and Avenue Edward VII, just off the Bund.  Blood Alley was so called because of the frequent fist fights between foreign sailors and soldiers, especially during periods of international tension.

Caption on photograph

Malcolm Rosholt on night desk of China Press in summer of 1940. My right food rests on lower drawer of desk to make it easier to lean and smack copy down on copy spike. Raleigh tobacco can not mine. Glass with top in center is for green tea, to keep cool. No air in this place, not even a punka(?) fan. Office on Ave Edward VII, just across the street from Blood Alley which wasn't very bloody any more.






Rosholt, Malcolm




Black and white photograph