Crew of HMS Thistle on parade, by the Église Saint-Louis, Tientsin

Crew of HMS Thistle on parade, by the Église Saint-Louis, Tientsin


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: PK01-37. In the background is the Église Saint-Louis, Rue St Louis, French Concession, Tientsin (Tianjin). This was the Roman Catholic place of worship in Tientsin. Known in Chinese as 'Purple Bamboo Grove Church', it was part of the Sisters of Mercy hospital and orphanage complex and is located in the French Concession. However, it catered not just for the French but also to Catholics from the other foreign concessions including those Catholics serving in the British garrison stationed at Tientsin. Under the supervision of French priest Abbe Favier, it was built to replace the recently completed Notre Dame des Victoires Church (1869) which had been heavily damaged by events around the ‘Tientsin Massacre’ in 1870. Source: The church was recently restored. HMS Thistle (1868-1888), Royal Navy. A composite screw gunvessel. Recent note in the album (PK01), in pencil: ‘THISTLE AT TIENTSIN 26 NOV 1872 / TO NAGASAKI FEB 1873. / STILL IN CHINESE WATERS AUGUST 1873 - JULY 1874’. See PK01-07, PK01-33, PK01-36, PK01-40.

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Crew of H.M.G.V. 'Thistle' on Parade. Tientsin



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