'Ichang' paddle steamer and the Bund, Shanghai

'Ichang' paddle steamer and the Bund, Shanghai


University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: DH-s119. This is a detail from a panoramic view of the Huangpu River and Bund, Shanghai.  See also DH-s511, DH-s101, DH-s102, DH-s103, DH-s104, DH-s105, DH-s106, DH-s107, DH-s108, DH-s109, DH-s110, DH-s111, DH-s112, DH-s113, DH-s114, DH-s115, DH-s116, DH-s117, DH-s118, DH-s120, DH-s121, DH-s122, DH-s123, DH-s124, DH-s125, DH-s126, DH-s127, DH-s128, DH-s129, and DH-s130.  The Ichang was one of the Shanghai Steam Navigation Co.'s steamers, named after the city of Ichang (now called Yichang). On the far left is the old French Consulate; and next to it, the Messageries Maritimes. The building in the center, behind the ship, is sometimes identified on old postcard views as Melchers & Co. On the right is the Gutzlaff Signal Pole. Below it, barely visible, is the bridge over the Yangjingbang (上海洋泾浜). At far right is one of Fogg's two buildings, at No. 1 The Bund, in the International Settlement. In the background can be seen the steeple of St Joseph's Catholic Church.  




March 1891




Black and white photograph