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Abe, Naoko Collection

Abe Naoko (阿部直子) was born in Shanghai in 1930, the second daughter of Futakami Chitose (二神千歳 née Oshima 大島) (1902–1987) and Futakami Norizo (二神範蔵) (1895–1972). Oshima Chitose’s brother, Oshima Kiyoshi (大島清), worked in Shanghai for the Japanese trading firm Mitsui Bussan (三井物産), and had introduced her to his colleague, Futakami Norizo. Chitose moved from Japan to Shanghai to marry Norizo in the late 1920s. One of Norizo's hobbies was photography, and he selected photographs he had taken and compiled albums for each of his children. The photographs published here are from an album given to Chitose and Norizo’s daughter Abe Naoko. The photographs were taken between c.1927 and c.1934 when the Futakami family lived in Shanghai. The collection also includes some Hong Kong postcards. 26 images. HPC ref: KA-s.