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Royal Asiatic Society Collection

Founded in 1823, the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland is dedicated to the promotion of scholarly research and public interest in the histories and cultures of Asia, as well as the history of how British people have learned about and been inspired by Asia across the centuries. It aims to fulfil its mission through public lectures, book and journal publishing, and by making accessible its historic collections of books, manuscripts, archives, artworks and photographs, which highlight many aspects of Asian cultures.

The Royal Asiatic Society's collection of lantern slides was donated by Mr D.B. Greene in 1982 and presented at a General Meeting of the Society on 10 February 1983, marked by a lecture from Mr J.F. Ford. For more details about the collection, see Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1983, No. 2, pp. 368-369. Scans of the lantern slides can be viewed in the RAS Digital Library. A selection of thirty of these lantern slides are online here. HPC ref: RA-m.