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Billie Love Historical Collection

The Billie Love Historical Collection consists of China-related material acquired by Billie Love and Anna Sheppard, for their commercial picture library. The eclectic collection includes a commemorative album for visit of the Duke and Duchess of Connaught to Shanghai in April 1890 (BL01); an album entitled 'Chronicle of a Tour of Pelissier's Follies' recording a tour in Asia of the theatrical troupe in 1911 (BL02); an album of photographs taken in Hankou and Kuling (Lushan), 1900s-1920s (BL03); a soldier’s album including photographs taken in Weihai and Shanghai, c.1930 (BL04); a 1950s album 'In and around Hong Kong – with my Rollei' (BL05), and a set of glass copy negatives created, it seems, to tell the story of the Boxer Uprising (BL-n), as well as loose items (BL-s). We are grateful to the Billie Love Historical Collection for lending us the originals to digitise and make available here. 351 images. HPC refs: BL01, BL02, BL03, BL04, BL05, BL-m, BL-n, and BL-s.